Written by admin on August 27th, 2005

For several years some of us were able to exchange resources and pose questions via RFD+ which was mediated by Brien McGarvey. His health has not allowed him to continue. We have missed him and this conversation. So, I am wanting to launch a rural church related blog at this new site. You are welcome to participate.

It will not be moderated; I have a continuing ministry to perform. I will need to ask folk to use this media wisely and with a spirit of helpfulness.

Let me raise a question: what does this season’s harvest look like for your farmers? Our crops here in West Alabama look good to this point. I saw some corn being harvested yesterday. But about a month ago I was on a mission trip to Moline, Ill. The word there was the grain crops–corn and soybeans–were in trouble due to the lack of rain.

The increase in oil will certainly impact the cost of harvesting crops this fall. Crops last fall recorded record harvests, so I assume that there is a good surplus to carry over which may keep commodity prices down. So, the cost of production for many farmers may exceed the prices that they receive.

Talk with your farmer members about this to see if this is a correct assessment in your area. And if it is, be looking for signs of need for pastoral care.

If there is a need, how can a local church provide ministry to family farmers with large debt to service?


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