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The Field of Churches

Saturday, August 19th, 2006

More than 15 years ago I helped write a book about pastoring multiple churches for Southern Baptist church planters. It proved to be a “best giver”. Recently, I have had some inquires about the possibility of the book being revised, updated and republished. Since it was a book that was initially intended for Southern Baptists, and the requests were coming from others who have different experiences and perspectives, it seemed that the wisest approach was to make the original text available to a broad cross-section of persons who might comment about the topic in each chapter and then a new version could be produced. Since I have not been working in this area for some time and others of the writers are retired and/or dead, this seemed to be a good way to go.

The original text of the book is to be found in the following links:Field of Churches: Introduction\r\n\r\nChapter One