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Friday, August 25th, 2006

I got started with what I hoped would be a series of comments on rural related Scriptures as provided in The Message version of the Bible back at the first of the year.  This was tragically interrupted when four church buildings in our area were burned by arson.  Since then I have devoted a lot of time to linking those who wanted to help the churches with pastors and church leaders.

Now, with one of the church back in its restored building, another planning to be back in the first of October and the remaining two in good temporary housing and planning to break ground on new building this fall, I want to resume this effort.

I will resume in the 3rd Chapter of Genesis with this observation/ question–are the curses upon humankind and on the land recorded there a theological or a sociological statement? Are these prescriptive or observational statements? By this I am wondering if the pain of child birth, weeds, and toil in the soil are somethings that God has done to humankind, or is God simple describing some of the consequences of our sin?  Or are these statements which include both a curse and a description of our lives.