Psalm 1

Written by admin on October 7th, 2006

I want to shift my reflecting to the Psalms for a while now. We will pick up Abram at a later time. It was the Psalms which first attracted me to THE MESSAGE.  Peterson does such a great job of both translating and applying the message of the poet to our everyday life today. So, for a month or two, I want to read and reflect of the Psalms.

The first of the Psalms contrasts two life styles. One please God. The other does not. I sort of hate to say that David identifies three important characteristics for the life of one who is faithful and obedient to God.  That sound as though I might be trying to made David into a preacher with three points.  Not so.

The three are–thrilling in and focused on God\’s word, stable and productive in ones everyday life, following the road that God sets before us, one that will bring us to blessing.  It is interesting that he describes a holy life as one that is both stationary and moving, solid and in transit, nourished and productive.

Those of us who have lived for many decades can reflect upon the fashions of sin and recognize how they change. Each promises fulfillment and joy, but ultimately ends in hurt and dispair.

I see this psalm as anticipating the last chapter of Revelation where we will have access to the tree that bears fruit all year long and of the story with which Jesus concludes the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 7, the story of two builders.  Be planted well.  Be built well.

The central purpose of our lives is not to be entertained or entertain, to be prideful or pitiful, to be in the fast lane only to crash through the dead end sign.

We should focus on pleasing God.  My prayer is that we all select this goal and do it well.


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