June 2nd, 2007

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Pure in Heart. Matt. 5:6

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

In the psychology of the Hebrews the heart was the center, or the core being of a person. It is here that the “will” of a person resides. A pure heart would be one that willed what God wills. And this willing would apply to all levels of life–personal, family, community, church, vocation, nation, environment and the world.

The goal of the Christian life is to know and do the will of God. God’s will impacts each person both generally and specifically. This is to say that God wills every human person to trust and obey him. But he also has a specific will for how Gary Farley trusts and obeys him.

God has a will for each of us which is usually termed a “calling”, or a vocational role. And within the expression of this calling he will have a will for tasks that we assume and for how we perform those tasks. Our analysis should also include the factor of timing. Similar observation might be made concerning family, church life, and social and political life.

The central point here is that we are expected by God to perform each of these roles and tasks with a pure heart. Later Matthew will share a story about the mother of James and John requesting positions for her sons. (Mt. 20:20f.)The response of Jesus throws light on the current topic. We will return to it later. But for now let me observe that Jesus is telling us that in whatever roles or positions we are playing in life that we must act with purity. This is to say that our will should be God’s will for us in this case.

The promise that come with this says to me that I will see God working in me and through my roles and positions as I perform them with a pure heart. Further, one day I will see God face to face and will be able to rejoice for being “a good and faithful servant.”

Perhaps, I should also say a word about an “impure” heart. This would exist when I try to manipulate God to support my will, or when I would from what I desire, not what God wills.