June 17th, 2007

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Being Salt. Matt. 5:13

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

Is Jesus declaring that when one lives the Beattitude life that he/she will function for others like salt? If so, what function or functions? Flavor. Preservation. Cure. The idea came to me that he may have been referring to a block of salt like one sees near where cattle are being fed. (Unfortunately, I could not discover if this was a common practice among the sheep raisers in Galilee.)

As I understand it the purpose of the salt block is to make livestock thirsty so that they will drink enough water to be healthy. The application of this in the Sermon on the Mount would be that as Beatitude living Christians our lives have so much joy in them that non-christians want a similar kind of life. Refering bqck to Matt. 5:4, they come to be hungry and thirsty for righteousness.

In sharing this take on this verse with some friends, they declared that they were drawn to the Christian faith and life because of a the life of wonderful Christian persons with whom they became acquainted. And one might add that this is the upside of the warning in Matt. 5:9.

So, as we live out the Beattitude life, there will be the thrill of hearing from those who were made open to the invitation of God to be a disciple of Jesus because they saw the value of it in the life that you live.

Here is one of several times that Jesus warns those who want to be his disciples that they must be consistant in their witness across the time aloted to them. If we are not “salty” then we are of little worth to Jesus’ cause.

Some see this as a warning concerning the possibility of one’s losing his/her salvation. I do not want to get into that. So, let me say only what all Christians ought to be able to say. We know that if we are consistant disciples then there is no chance that we might lose our salvation, so the wise disciple will work at being consistant and not dwell on the possibility of losing it. Then there is no occasion to be worried. Be positive on this.