Adultery Matt. 5:27-30

Written by admin on June 22nd, 2007

The spirit of the law against Adultery is that relationship between men and women should be characterized by fidelity; ie, treat one another as a person, not a thing to be used for our personal benefit. To do this, in our culture is to “swim against the curent”. Adultery is the subject of many of the offerings of popular culture. It has become glorified–a source of pride more than of guilt.

It appears that the Beatitude that calls for a “pure heart” is applicable here. A pure heart respects other persons. A pure heart does not put the satisfaction of the fleshly desires of an individual over the well-being of another. A pure heart loves God and the neighbor well. It seeks to find and do the good and the right.

Jesus has some strong things to suggest as a cure–remove an offending eye or hand. I doubt that Jesus was into mutilation. Rather, he was seeking to impress his hearers of just how serious adultry can be. It is just not the thing that kingdom people do. It certainly sounds like Jesus did not approve of adultery.

Jesus continues that hell is the destination of a person who practices adultery. That is serious. But, we must see the posibility of forgiveness for those who repent and allow God to transform them.


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