Depending on God. Mt. 7:6-11

Written by admin on February 17th, 2008

An early missionary to the Native Americans, Isaac McCoy, seems to have modeled this style of life as well as about anyone about whom I have learned. He worked with the tribes in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois early in his career which began in 1817.

He found them being exploited by greedy traders. He established boarding schools for the children, trained persons as farmers and blacksmiths, and advocated for the rights of Indians. Food and funds are always hard to obtain. He faced oppositions from many sources.

He faithfully, and ultimately successfully, advocated for the Indians to have a state of their own, out in Kansas and Oklahoma. This involved the removal of over 100,000 Native Americans from the east to the west.

McCoy came to be recognized as a leading expert on the life of Native Americans. He was offered, on several occasions, positions with the government which would have allowed him a very good wage and the opportunity to live in a city. He refused. He stayed focused on what he felt God had called him to do. His autobiography contains many stories about how God had provided for himself, his family and his ministry. This did not mean that he never had any problems. He suffered a lot. But he always testified to the greatness and the goodness of God.

The lesson of this passage is neglected by many of us. We depend on other power sources.


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