Hispanic Church Growth

Written by admin on February 17th, 2008

During the recent primary elections there has been a good bit of discussion about immigration. Certainly it is a complicated issue. What follows is only tangentially related to this, but it presents another facet of what is happening with the influx of Hispanics into America.

Several Spanish-speaking congregations have been planted in our area during the past decade. They have formed an “association” which transcends denominational labels. They are working together to hold weekend revivals in communities where Hispanics live. They share their gifts and graces. \

Recently about 50 persons from five of these congregations met in our building on a Friday evening for a time of worship and fellowship. They called it a reunion. I served as the host. Things got started about 9pm. Things went on until almost dawn. Singing. Praying. Preaching. Worshiping. Feasting.

What smiling, happy faces. What love for one another. What acceptance. People in a strange land. People who know that many of the natives do not want them here. People, many of whom, experienced salvation here.

During the evening I felt as though I was witnessing another chapter for the book of The Acts. God is planting and nurturing a new church planting movement here and across the nation. What a joy to witness it.


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