The Rechurching of Rural America

Written by admin on February 24th, 2008

Over the next several weeks the chapters of an unpublished report of the most recent restudy of rural churches in Missouri will be posted on this site. This study was done back around 2000, but for several reasons was never fully completed and edited. However, I feel that there is much of value in the study and believe that I must move forward and share the findings with others who are interested in the churches of rural America. It is unique in that it reports finding from a constant set of townships and their churches over a nearly 50 year period. This is the most scientific study of rural churches that has been done which a longitudinal component.

On February 16, 2008, I will be addressing some of the material in a conference for the General Baptists in Malden, Missouri. It is at their First Baptist Church there. Our focus there will be on sustainability. I will present my thoughts related to the Divine-Human nature of the local church. This is that it has both a sociological and and a spiritual side. Neither can be neglected.\

I hope that as the chapters are put on this site, that they will generate questions and comments. Note that there is a page on this site with some of the studies that supported the larger study posted. These provide some valuable background for looking at the study. Ultimately the dozen or so chapters of the study will all be located there.

Along the way, I will continue the current set of blogs which are dealing with the Sermon on the Mount.


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