Eschatology: Revelation

Introduction to Revelation

God is the Lord of History. The message of Rev. is to help us understand what is the latter chapters of history and what lies beyond the end.
Creation and fall. Flood. Babel.
Abraham and covenant. 1700
Egypt. Moses, Exodus, conquest 1200

An Outline of the Book of Revelation

To be understood as more of an encyclopedia or an art gallery with videos than a prophet history.
More to understand history than to know details of the future.

Notes on J. Newport, The Lion and the Lamb

Many popular preachers on TV follow this PMD approach. Response to Trumph Newport, Historic Premillenmialism. More dramatic and thematic than literal than predictive.
The PMD crowd has been wrong again and again since the 1840s

Revelation: Main Message

Look at what and why, not so much when, where and how.
In Chapter one John the Apostle is in prison on the Isle of Patmos. Jesus, in a vision comes to visit him. Recall when Jesus talked about end times and judgment, he taught that real believers give evidence by simple acts of kindness, Mt. 25. Among them is visiting the prisoners. Here Jesus does this very thing.

Some Truths of the Book of Revelation

Modern Gnostics have so distorted the book looking for codes, hidden messages, a prophetic chronology of world history that many of us fail to see the basic purposes and the obvious truths which it presents to the student who sets aside her/his presuppositions regarding the text and searches with an open mind and willing heart. Seek to find truth not seek verification of what you already believe.

God is Lord of History

Creator. Sustainer, Redeemer, Finisher. Story of four gardens–eden, land of milk and honey, Gesem., New Jerusalem. You live today on the historic Garden Plantation. Also it is the story of two covenants–old, with Abraham and new with the church. Story of a triune God…

Gospel Teachings which Set the Stage for Understanding Revelation

In preparation for our study I read the harmony of the Gospels and noted teachings of Jesus and other things which will help us understand the book. Please read the Gospels for yourself and see these teachings for yourself and point out others I may have missed.

Revelation and the Arts

Through the ages Revelation has been an inspiration for music and visual arts. Many of the women here in Aliceville FCI are talented in the arts, so I have been impressed to invite you to produce art and share it with the class. Here are examples…

Final Test Revelation Class

Select seven questions to answer. Do so on paper supplied.You may elect to answer an eighth question for extra credit. You may refer to the Bible and the textbook in writing your answers. Turn in your text and your test when you are finished.

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